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Showcase: Sarah Valeri

“I once had a friend congratulate me on the fact that I had managed to keep art as my illegal activity. This does not mean that I was involved in anything that would draw the ire of authorities, or even censorship, or a proper gasp. I think my friend was thinking of illegal art as something unsanctioned. For many years whatever I made was certainly unnoticed, and certainly private. It was not so much unsanctioned as simply unrecognized or unseen. I kept it alive. There is no need to discuss whether or not this was a good or a bad decision. At the end of the day I still appreciated this phrase because if there was approval or support, my youngest drawings and paintings would not have formed. I do not think of them as illegal so much as I think of them as mine. 
    And then well, they go. Eventually I began to exhibit a few paintings here and there, becoming accustomed to the fact that many other experiences, memories, and associations are blended into them. Building the symbol further out of my control. It’s better for me to let them go once I am done.” – Sarah Valeri
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Blogging Weekend: How to write a great blog post

Short answer: no one knows.
Yet, there are a lot of folks who’ll tell you that creating visual content, lists, or breaking down your content into easy-to-digest bits is the way to go.
Truth be told, no one really knows.
You write a post, you work really hard on it, you’re kind of proud of the end result, and it just doesn’t resonate just as well with your audience. Continue reading