The Midnight Muse came a bit later tonight. “Traffic,” she said. Not that I believe her.

Anyway, tonight the topic is simple: creative block. It’s like writer’s block, only it happens to all kinds of artists. And it’s painful. You don’t feel like doing anything, or you feel as if everything you do is crap. You’re the worst artist ever born. There are many ways to counter this block:

You fight it. Yes, it’s as simple as that. The definition of a successful artist is that of a person who makes art on good days and on bad, who keeps on painting, drawing, writing, even when the entire world seems to conspire against them. But you keep on doing your thing, no matter what.

You wait. Maybe this one isn’t the best of solutions, but it’s well worth trying as long as you don’t end up waiting for a very long time.

You do other stuff. This is, in my opinion, the best way to defeat a creative block. We all need a break, even from the thing we love doing most in the world. We need to recharge our batteries. So go out, live, have fun, go fishing, hiking. Travel. Meet new people. Learn. Make mistakes. Fall in love. Do everything.

The best of ideas come from somewhere. They don’t magically appear. Art is just someone’s way of seeing the world. That’s all.


3 thoughts on “TMM: 2 AM

  1. When I have to deal with a creative block, what I do sometimes and that because where I live I have no other alternative such as go walking outside, travel or else…I force myself to have a nap. Sounds a bit silly when I write it but for me it works. The reason why is that I start this nap by visualising good memories. Then I make up a story using this good memory, and finally I kind of sleep deeper but still can “see” my dreams. nevertheless, I am not in control of the last ones.
    So, when I wake up 30 minutes or so , later, first I am in a good mood with plenty of ideas and above all my uncontrolled dreams give me the opportunity either to ask myself questions and get focus or help me waking up the creativity I was lacking because of my dreams being kind of “fantastic” .
    I think it’s all hidden in my subconscious… And linking subconscious to emotions is the sparkle that lights the fire…

    Anyway…because of those naps I cannot sleep when I should at 2am!

  2. Excellent advice & succintly written, Cristian. I totally agree that a little break can be needed but if it develops into days, I sorta create a fear about going back to the project. Then I do have to fight to simply start, . . . anything.

    My best break is going for a walk outside with my dog. My mood is immediately lifted playing with her, my brain is clearer from the refreshing air, & the nature all around always provides inspiration. Love the new site.

  3. Great advice. I think trying to find a fresh perspective can get the creative juices flowing. For example, I’m struggling with a historical mystery, and it’s local, so if I get blocked I find myself doing research, and then going around maybe finding local places of interest that could tie in to the story. I’m about due for another walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which opens the story. 🙂

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