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header1.pngIt is possible to fail simply because you want something too bad. Or because you want it all at once.

One of the most difficult lessons to learn, and one I constantly try to deny, is that some things take time to grow. Some things just don’t happen over night. Probably that’s why we invented magic in the first place. And dreams. Imagination. Art. Stories that aren’t particularly true, but they feel truer than anything in this world.

I wanted to make irevuo the best website ever. I wanted to be able to promote artists (which has been one of my oldest dreams), to give other indie artists the chance to find an audience, to get more exposure. I wanted a magazine, and I didn’t care that it would be too expensive or that I didn’t really have a team.

I tried my best. I always do. But sometimes I kind of forget that I’m just one person, and that there are only 24 hours in a day, out of which a minimum of 4 must be spent on sleep.

Now, I’m going to take things easy. Everyone who contributed in the past and helped with the previous website will get their money’s worth. Right now, the most important step is getting a proper domain for the website. Then, slowly, more and more features will be made available.

Those of you who want to write articles, essays, or submit a work of fiction, you can do so here. If you want to interview indie artists, you can contact me. If you want to write news articles or review self-published books, you can contact me.

Nice and slow. This is going to be the motto for this website for the time being.

Nice and slow, and yet…

“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.” –Michael Phelps


17 thoughts on “irevuo’s back

  1. Your website sounds wonderful, and I would love to be a part of it one way or another. I am an author currently working with a number of artists. We plan to begin publishing books at the end of the year.

    It is certainly difficult to give our dreams time to grow, but it sounds like you have the passion and vision to make yours come true. If there is anything I can do to help promote your site, let me know! It sounds like a wonderful creative endeavor and I would love to hear more about it.

  2. Well done, I’ve been thinking the same things myself with a website idea I have. At this stage I’m still gathering information and writing down a plan of attack while taking baby steps to setting up the website. Don’t give up, you never know just how close you are to achieving your goal, you could be a mere 20 minutes away from the biggest breakthrough, but if you give up, you will never know.

  3. Go Cristian! I also have the same vision as you – to create a space for indie artists for exposure. I also started an online magazine called Dconart and I would love to collaborate with you and the rest of the irevuo team in the future. Cheers! 🙂

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