Wednesday Poem: Social Status Update by Alex Jarvis

1422707_715632471799135_1156091251_nOn the page of an ancient Shakespeare play
Set on a distant, dark, and dismal stage
Macbeth – a decent man-turned-king-turned-tyrant
was put to death;

By a former friend, in righteous revenge, who said:

(and I quote)

“I have no words.
My voice is in my sword.”

And I know that the pen is mightier,
But I fight my fight from wherever I find Wi-Fi and a laptop keyboard.
Swords – are so old-fashioned.
So, armed with my mind
I’m trying to revive
Some idealistic pre-war passion.

Can I take down tyrants?
Not with violence?
Not by putting pencil to paper; pen to the page
But with checking my screen, and clacking on keys
to express my indoor outrage (?)

Do I do it for the notes?
Or the upvotes?
I just hope someone will quote me!
Notice me!
My retweets,
My reblogs,
My clickthroughs,
My pageviews,
My favourites,
My followers,
My facebook likes?
Wait…I wonder if I might
have just lost sight
of the real goal
and sold my soul
for that social status update
And given second place
To human rights?

(And righting human wrongs?)

Let your twenty-word tweets be a call to the streets
Take your mass of facebook friends
And make them be a means to an end.

We need to take down the tyrants.
They’d like us to keep our complicit silence!
As they own us, control us, with lies and with violence
Take a peaceful protest and incite them to riot

There’s tear gas attacks in Taksim Square
There’s screams, struggles, and smoke in the air

But it’s not just there.
It’s everywhere.
Brixton, Athens, Stockholm, – wait, what?
Even in Sweden they’re fightin’ the cops?
Am I wastin’ my time, stayin’ inside?
Is there a worthier struggle, and I’m just hiding?
Things getting messy, and I’m stayin clean,
Safe from behind the comforting glow of the screen?


 Because for the power of every public protester

there are many more, staying indoors
armed to the teeth
with words as their weapons
and a touch-screen or a keyboard for a sword
Doing what’s needed.
And so now I’m pleading – check your reasons.
Let’s all think about how – and why
you can do more
for whatever cause
you’re trying to fight for.


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