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The world is changing towards a more technology oriented perspective on arts. This is not something new. It’s becoming a fact.

People spend more time using technology, more time on the web, more time using social media, so it makes sense that they’d spend more and more time reading in a similar manner.

Reading paperbacks and hardcovers has become an old school thing. People read e-books, listen to audio-books, post reviews on blogs.

This element makes it easier. It’s more comfortable.

But is it necessarily better?

Imagine driving your car while listening to an audio-book. Imagine spending 8+ hours staring at a screen.

Now, what I’m really trying to say it, that spending quality time by yourself, getting fully emerged in the story as it unfolds, suspending disbelief, all those things require a certain level of engagement.

For these reasons, I’m not sure. For these reasons, I still prefer reading paperbacks. Sitting on my chair, utter silence, nothing but the words on paper to keep me company.

No distractions, no screens, nothing…

You can even call me old fashioned, and at this very moment, it’s probably just a thing of personal preference.

What is your opinion? Paperbacks or e-books? Old or new? Which one do you prefer? And why? 


6 thoughts on “Social reading

  1. I prefer both. I love reading in the bath tub and defer to paperbacks for relaxing while soaking. I also enjoy reading in bed, for which I prefer e-books. I wish paperbacks came with a digital copy like so many DVDs do. I would like to be able to switch back and forth between the two mediums.

  2. While I’m sure kindles have their uses, there is nothing better than poring over a good book. Such emotions and sensations are something to which kindles cannot replace.

  3. Technology oriented arts is indeed nothing new. A clay tablet is technology and it shapes what is put there. The printing press plus cheap paper represented a huge technological revolution.

    I find reading on a screen tends to hurry me. It’s thus a good way of skimming through something. I mainly write poetry and I’ve come round to being fine with composing on to a screen, but I really find reading poetry on a screen hard. My eyes and my hands want to move on when I should linger. It’s also important with poetry to hear the sounds in your mind and I find that easier from a book or pamphlet.

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