Avoiding reality… and why it’s so popular

From Game of Thrones to the trend of vampire novels, post-apocaliptic stories, hard sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk and all other genres, we’ve fast become addicted to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Why such a departure from what “normal” looks like?

Maybe because normal kinda sucks?

Maybe because almost every specie on this planet dreams for the purpose of avoiding reality? Of filtering the stress dealt to its central nervous system during the day?

Maybe we want to escape normal…

Maybe we all secretly(or not so) wish to live in an entirely different world than the one we live in.


Maybe we hate the rules that keep this universe in place and wish to live in one ruled by different laws.

Or maybe we want to be different.

Super heroes.

We wish for greatness…

Eternal life?

Super human speed, strength, endurance?

What else?

A simpler world?

One without all this technology and stuff?


The world after the end of the world resembles the one at the very beginning in a lot of ways.

Art is all about wishes.

Of course, wishing for something does not make it so.

But that never stopped us anyway.


5 thoughts on “Avoiding reality… and why it’s so popular

  1. Is it that I am not a follower of fashion that I find the trend to fantasy uninteresting, even boring, so rarely read it or watch it? I certainly have no interest in writing it. Reality is much more interesting to me, though of course it can be fictional. I can enjoy science fiction if it has some scientific basis (of course I was, originally, a ‘scientist’).

  2. For myself, it was always an escape from my abusive childhood. I would get lost in song and dance (I never liked soaps – too much like real life) Movies were my safe haven, so I think you’ve pretty much summed it up for most people. Today, I have a loving, peaceful and secure life, but I still enjoy the fantastic, otherworldly experience. Perhaps it’s because I am so much older now and many of the dreams I had when I was young will never happen, yet through film, I can realize and live them vicariously through others. That’s the beauty of art.

  3. If only reality is depicted, there would never had been great artists , musicians, actors etc so it is about arts and also job provision. We should only recognize what is possible and not possible in both worlds.

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