Book Review: The Subtle Art of not Giving a F#ck

There’s this thing about self-help books: they only have one good idea. The rest is mostly fluff.

You know, punch the damn keys to reach the necessary word count.

This book, sadly, is no exception.

But the main idea is brilliant. And makes this book well worth a try.

What’s that idea you ask?

Well… self-awareness.

That’s how I’d describe it.

Most people are never fully aware of their own selves. Their feelings, emotions, reactions to particular events. They’re on auto-pilot.

While this idea is by no means revolutionary, it is nice to read about it.

It is also nice to read about the inevitability of suffering, the idea that we have to enjoy the journey, with all its ups and downs, to become worthy of the reward.

We have to be aware, and decide. Decide what is important and what is not. What merits our attention, time, and energy, and what not.

A good book, well worth reading.



7 thoughts on “Book Review: The Subtle Art of not Giving a F#ck

  1. Great insight Cristian, I’ve been living by this standard since I was a kid. I think it’s necessary to have a balance of not caring, but also not letting things bother you. For instance, when it comes to business – one must remove all emotions in order to be a successful businessman/businesswoman. The sad truth is that it is really hard to differentiate the two after such a long time. You begin to take the form of whichever way of life you live in the most. So that’s why I also believe you when you say self-help books are mainly loaded with “fluff”. The truth of the fact is we become the very things we are in life. There’s no going around it.

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