Artist of the Week: Jackson Pollock

Hi guys,

Decided for a new series. Artist of the Week. A showcase on a different artist. For inspirational purposes.

I believe it is important to know what those before you created. Art is like a pyramid. You add on top of what others created.

That being said, the first artist is one whose influence to modern art is impossible to deny.

Jackson Pollock.



I am by no means an art critic, so I’ll just say that I admire his paintings for their bizarre complexity. Colors influence emotions, or so psychologists claim. And having so many colors, all fighting to be noticed, is undoubtedly a way to make people feel something.

What does that make you feel?

What do you make of it?

What does it mean?

To each of us, art means something different. It affects us differently.


4 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: Jackson Pollock

  1. I think part of what made his art so ‘groundbreaking’ was the process.
    I like your idea of featuring artists here. A chance for others to learn a little about the art that surrounds us. I just read a recent article about David Hockney, who is still alive. He might be an interesting artist to highlight.

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