TMM: the muse needs time

Time. The world’s most valuable commodity. Not only that, but you can trade it for anything else.

The muse also needs it. The more time you spend doing the work, the better you become. It is a rule of nature.

But sometimes people get caught in this romantic thinking. Art is about inspiration, about some sort of poetry, not just work etic. They discard the craft part of art…

But truth is, the muse demands you sit at your desk and do the work. That you set aside a certain number of hours each day and get stuff that.

It’s the one rule you cannot bend or break.

Don’t water this down.

Don’t be seduced into thinking that art is inherently different than any other kind of work.


2 thoughts on “TMM: the muse needs time

  1. I think art IS inherently different…in the sense that inspiration is like a wave of external energy that passes through us – but only if we are working, can anything come to fruition. We have to be working diligently so we don’t miss those opportunities, but there is something undefined that allows the work to be great.

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