My top 5 illustration of 2017

Stunning work by Alison Sargent…

This is a bit of a self-indulgent blog post to celebrate the end of the year.  My best bits… according to… me!

I was aiming for a top ten but to be honest I could really only manage five drawings that I was sufficiently pleased with to call my top illustrations for the year.

So here they are in no particular order (okay “Stella” is my fav, but after that …)

Stella - gouache and graphite pencil illustration “Stella” 2017

Alisha Nesvat for Mani - graphite and pencil illustration “Alisha Nesvat for Mani” – 2017

fashion illustration of Lindsey Wixson in Chanel “Lindsey Wixson for Chanel Fall/Winter 2013” – 2017

Fashion illustration - Eudon Choi Spring 2018 “Eudon Choi Sprint 2018” – 2017

Graphite and pencil illustration Untitled – 2017

I am adding in one more illustration as a special mention.  This illustration of Alisha Nesvat in Rodarte Spring 2018 is a bit of a love/hate one for me.  I really like the concept, the composition, the negative space, the hands.  BUT …execution let me down with the flowers and the gold background.  If…

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