if you could follow a teardrop

Night Palette

(a man, seeing that his daughter

is crying,

kneels down

and asks her)

if you could follow a teardrop

where would it go?

if it clung to your sulking cheek

and held

and held

until it couldn’t

could it sneak between a crack of

an even sadder

concrete floor?

if it danced

and dodged and celebrated

loudly enough

could it make its way into the earth?

and if the earth, and bugs, and plants

greeted it warmly

could it come to feed apple trees, and lilies, and yarns of whistling mushrooms?

and if the flowers bloomed

would bees, and rabbits, and everyone we know

come to know or eat these wondrous things?

and with this energy would people

go on to sing, and laugh,

and wipe more and more tears away?

you see,

there is nothing wrong with crying,

but how can anyone be upset

knowing that they are


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