TMM: The Real Professional

If you only worked out when you felt like it, it would be as if you didn’t work out much at all. No one could see it, actually.

If you only wrote/painted/danced when you felt like it, then…

Inspiration and motivation are not as important as we like to believe. It’s not the words that bleed out of you that make the difference. They’re the icing on top, the spices and herbs… can’t survive by eating them.

It’s habit that keeps you going. It’s rehearsing over and over again until you feel like falling apart, it’s editing that novel until you hate it and can’t stand to read it again. It’s gruesome. It’s not pretty, but then again the lifestyles of the rich and famous are not as glamorous as we’d like to believe. It’s not all parties and travel and yachts, you know.

I wish it were different, but it’s not.


3 thoughts on “TMM: The Real Professional

  1. Boy, oh boy..Sometimes it seems like I was meant to see-or read-certain things. I was meant to read this. This really touched on another topic I plant to write about. Passion. Should we follow our passions to make them into professions? Is this what happens when you do? Most of all, you hit on a real truth. Habit, not a lightening bolt of inspiration, is what keeps you following that dream and realizing it. Your post truly lays waste to the idea that if you truly love it, you’ll always be motivated to do it. My years of drumming-and short time blogging-have taught me otherwise. Thanks, Cristian, for this wonderful insight.

    • That’s just a myth. The fairytale. Of course, you don’t love it all the time. It’s habit that keeps you going. It’s your job. You got to show up. But there are moments when you do love it, and you love it more than anything else. That’s what makes the difference between following your passion and finding a regular job. It’s more like falling in and out of love… that’s what most people are not prepared for.

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