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The world is changing towards a more technology oriented perspective on arts. This is not something new. It’s becoming a fact.

People spend more time using technology, more time on the web, more time using social media, so it makes sense that they’d spend more and more time reading in a similar manner.

Reading paperbacks and hardcovers has become an old school thing. People read e-books, listen to audio-books, post reviews on blogs.

This element makes it easier. It’s more comfortable.

But is it necessarily better?

Imagine driving your car while listening to an audio-book. Imagine spending 8+ hours staring at a screen.

Now, what I’m really trying to say it, that spending quality time by yourself, getting fully emerged in the story as it unfolds, suspending disbelief, all those things require a certain level of engagement.

For these reasons, I’m not sure. For these reasons, I still prefer reading paperbacks. Sitting on my chair, utter silence, nothing but the words on paper to keep me company.

No distractions, no screens, nothing…

You can even call me old fashioned, and at this very moment, it’s probably just a thing of personal preference.

What is your opinion? Paperbacks or e-books? Old or new? Which one do you prefer? And why? 


5 thoughts on “Social reading

  1. It depends on the book… if it’s an easy going romance I prefer ebooks if it’s a more serious book from which I want to learn something I prefer paper back so I can takes notes and mark important pages… 🍀

  2. Books are more than their words: they’re the smell of dust; the weight in your hands; the whispering of pages turned; the creaking spine traced by a restless finger. Books will always be better than screens. That said, there are benefits to e-books. You use less space to carry more books wherever you travel. You don’t need a light to see a screen and you don’t have to fret away impatient hours, waiting for your book to arrive.

  3. More to books than ebooks. I can’t sit for hours facing the laptop/phone screen. Books give me the comfort of sitting in a corner with a cup of tea to enjoy the day. It gives me eye strain when on a laptop.

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