Fictional worlds you’d love to live in

There’s no doubt that art has always aimed not at recreating reality as it is, but at enhancing it. Art represents our hopes and ambitions for a better future.

Here are some fictional universes you’d (most probably) love to live in.

1. The Harry Potter Universe

We have J.K. Rowling for making us all want to be wizards when we were kids. Imagine attending Hogwarts, working for the Ministry of Magic or even hanging out with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


2. Middle Earth

Imagine living in a place that looks very much like New Zealand. But inhabited by all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

3. The “Lost” Island

Ever since Robinson Crusoe we’ve all had this strange idea of being stranded on an island. Kind of weird, but it’s maybe about wanting to get away from society, from rules, to connect more with ourselves and nature. Who knows?

4. Marvel Universe

Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero?

5. The Star Trek Universe

Imagined being on board the Enterprise, or working at the Starfleet Academy. How awesome would that be?

6. DC Universe

Superheroes. Again.

7. Mystic Falls

Being a vampire is like being a rockstar with a few added perks: you don’t age, you stay beautiful and you have all the time in the world to accomplish whatever you please. Mystic Falls may be full of bad vampires and bad memories, but Damon and Stefan Salvatore make that all worth it.


8. Disney Universe

Which world exactly? Well, the possibilities are endless. You could have a genie who granted your wishes, a great pair of friends like Timon and Pumbaa or even a dream library like Belle’s. If you can dream it in Disney, you can do it in the Disney Universe.

9. Hawkins, Indiana

Admit it: no matter how old you are, you wish you’d been friends with Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will.


13 thoughts on “Fictional worlds you’d love to live in

  1. Nice list. 🙂
    I always find it annoying when someone responds to this type of post with a variation of, “so you want to be a muggle/civilian/redshirt/turned into a sentient wardrobe?” Or the perennial favorite, “So what will you do, nerd, since you can’t be a warrior along with Aragorn and the Rohirrim?”
    What would we do if you found yourself physically in one of these universes? The same thing we always do. Because we are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams….

      • A great scene from a great work! I also like the scene where all the boys are drinking from the gallon jug that Eddie fills up with leftover drinks when he tends bar part time, and one of the boys makes the faux pas of suggesting that perhaps Eddie should separate the beer, wine, and mixed drinks into different jugs, then quickly recognizes the error of his high falutin notion and apologetically retracts the idea.

  2. The Marvel or DC universes? No thanks! Last I checked, I have no super powers. Life in those universes when you’re a norm is pretty crappy. Likewise, the Tolkein universe… wars, ringwraiths, and dragons could wipe out your entire city at any time. I’ll pass. The Harry Potter universe is much better for us muggles. Or Star Trek. Not sure about some of these others.

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