The writers know it all too well. How a blank page is the ultimate definition of them being a failure.
In writing, in life, in love, it is all the same: you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

That being said, not taking chances, not assuming risks, not trying to succeed for fear of failure, ends up being the biggest disappointment, the heartbreaking regret of “could have.”


Just do it.

Don’t think yourself out of an idea. Go for it. If you fail, it’s going to hurt, indeed, but after a while you’ll realize that you actually learned something out of it. But not trying at all, that’s going to break your heart every single time you remember your failure to act.


8 thoughts on “Irreversible

  1. I’ve been shot at. I’ve gone through artillery strikes. I’ve tip-toed my way through minefields. I’ve had knives pulled on me.
    And yet, the scariest thing I’ve ever done is load my novel up to Amazon. I think part of the problem there is the other things would only get you hurt or killed. Putting “The Lawman” out there is tossing a piece of your soul out there.

  2. Yep. Been there, done that…thinking I was failing, that is. But that is EXACTLY what self-publishing as an author is all about. I took a big risk with my first book (Battle of the Band) ordering 1,000 copies (sold about 300), then learning my lesson, took a much smaller risk with my second book (The Prophesied Band) ordering 100 copies, selling most of them. Writers can do one of two things: become a “celebrity” and thus get with big publishing which will support them royally (or not) but lose all privacy in the process and all sense of self (and, if Christian, lose all sense of spirit while living the life of a pop star of sorts) or do the right thing and stay real while building up your business.

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