David Bowie: to be an artist is to be “dysfunctional”

In this interview from 1998, David Bowie describes his need to paint, what it was like living in Berlin with Iggy Pop, and why he feels you must be “loony” to be an artist.


Five painters

You’ve got five painters in the same room, painting the same object. If all five of them employ the same style (or manner) when painting that object, almost always at least four of them are doing something wrong.

At least two of them would much rather paint something else, and of those two at least one would use the same style and technique as before.

Also, at least one of them would like to paint the same object, but in a different style.

What I’m trying to say is that there are only two requirements when making art: one is to be passionate about your subject matter, and the other one is to do it exactly how you feel like it. Continue reading