Showcase: Herman van Bon Photography

From his website:

To call him a landscape photographer is akin to describing Table Mountain as a large flat rock. To label him as a graphic artist also leaves much to be desired. A photo-graphic artist? Unwieldy and lacklustre.

The fact of the matter is that Herman van Bon as a photographer and as an artist is not easily pigeon-holed. Words fall short when describing his work and how he achieves it. In this case, his pictures are more than the sum of their parts.

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TMM: Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones my break your bones,

but it’s words that break one’s heart.

So, take care of your words, and how you use them. Be mindful of when you use them and why you use them.

Frederic Beigbeder: Enfant terrible of literature

Those of you who do not know who Frederic Beigbeder is, he’s French writer, literary critic and a TV presenter. He created a bunch of awards, was awarded a bunch of awards, wrote some good stuff, wrote some bad stuff, and was once arrested for snorting cocaine off the hood of a car.

He’s become less and less of a rebel, and chose to distance himself from the kind of things that have once made him famous. Continue reading

How to become an artist

It seems to me that we spend our childhood building our initial vision of the world. We do our best trying to answer as many questions as possible, and in our eagerness to understand everything around us, we name things and label them and we think that we’re absolutely certain that things are exactly how we see them.

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Free e-book: The Best of Cristian Mihai: Essays (2012-2017)

Five years of daily blogging. Five years of writing essays on life, death, love, inspiration, and the artistic process. The best of those essays, now in this compilation.

The essays in this compilation are not the most popular, they are the ones that I consider to be my best. Some of them, yes, managed to attract thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, others not so much. Yet each and everyone of them are special to me. They represent the way I viewed life, art, love during five years of daily blogging, reading, and living life.

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